Monday, 13 October 2008

Well I am back again to blog! Sorry for ignoring this page for a bit, so here goes.

Life is good at the moment work is fun but very busy! God is continuing to bless us as a family & we continue to love Him more each day!

Trust in the Lord always! He is always there for you, even though you think He's gone or not listening, it's you or me that's not letting Him in, so open your heart & ears to the Lord for He has great plans for you!

Denise x

Saturday, 27 September 2008

September 27th 2008

So sorry to have not been on for a while, but here I am again to blog!

Well things have been going not too bad, church is just great, we have a wonderful church family who are always there if you need them.

We are starting home groups on 1st October and I am looking forward to that.

In our car today it was a pleasure to listen to our children singing along with Hillsong United one of my favourites was " Everyone needs compassion, a love that's never failing, fill my life again" it goes on" Saviour He can move the mountains my God is mighty to save, He is mighty to save."

We all need to have compassion, if we think about others around us, we don't know what other people are facing, so showing them a litle bit of compassion and love might just be what they need at that time, reach out to someone, be there for someone, treat others as you want to be treated. Remember God knows what is on your heart, He is the One who can save us all.

Do you know Christ? If not, why not try letting Him into your life, He will make a difference in your life He loves you and is calling your name!

Yours in Christ

Sunday, 24 August 2008

Day Eighteen

Well had a wonderful service this morning!!!!!! Our church is so good, people are so friendly, we have really fitted in well to this place, my children love going to church and ask quite regulalry when we are going, they sing all the songs, but most of all they tell us they Love JESUS!!!!! They know that JESUS loves them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have had a good week, been really busy with hubby being off work, we had a great time at W5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Day Fourteen

Well I woke this morning with sore legs & arms soI'm guessing using the Wii fit is doing some good!!! Although at this moment in time, I'm not sure what!!!!!! LOL!!!!!

Hope you are all well out there! Remember Jesus loves YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Day Thirteen

Well I have started to try and lose a little bit of weight and get fit at the same time!

My regime is using the Wii fit, this is great as it tells you what you weigh and what your BMI is and what it should be!! So I'm spending at least 30 mins each day doing some excercise, such as step aerobics, jogging, boxing, hula hooping it really does work and I'm enjoying exercising!!!

I will keep you all updated on my progress!!!! I am also going to try to eat healthier!!!!!


Sunday, 17 August 2008

Day Eleven

The Lord's day again! Well we didn't go to church today I didn't get up until 10.30 this morning, this is when our gatherings start!!!!! So me thinks I was a bit late!!!!!!

Have a happy Sunday whatever you do!!!!!!!!


Saturday, 16 August 2008

Day Ten

Well today we headed for Belfast and had to turn around halfway there, weather was awful, torrential rain and the roads were dangerous, we aquaplaned a lot, not a good thing, so we turned back and came home.

Kids were taken to McD's for a treat. Husband and children are watching Hellboy!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you are all having better weather than what we are over in Northern Ireland!!!!


Friday, 15 August 2008

Day Nine

Well, Friday again and my darling husband comes off on holiday today for 2 weeks, great iy's the last 2 weeks of the school holidays here so hopefully we can do lots of nice things with the children.

Should be fun! As everytime we are in the car my children love to sing and at the moment they love to sing along with Hillsong United, great songs with lots of actions, but most importantly my children are praising God and loving it!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thursday, 14 August 2008

Day Nine

Afternoon all!!!!!!!!! Just back from taxing the car, thank goodness my insurance certificate came today!!!!!!!!

At least it's dry, dull & miserable but dry!!!!!!!!!!lol

I'm watching the launch of the Glitter Girls Cornucopia board, if you're a crafter it's another must have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

Have a good day!


Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Day Eight

Another day has arrived all too quickly!!!!!!!!

Children enjoyed watching some of the Olympics this morning!!!!!!!

My daughter is going to a friends house to play this afternoon, so my son and I shall have some time together, so that will be nice!!!!!!

Well it seems to be a nice day here hope it lasts!!!!!!!

God Bless!!


Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Day Seven

Good morning everyone hope you are all well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At the moment the weather is dull, it is very grey here!!!!!!!!!!! Rain is forecast for later!!!!!!!! No suprise there then!!!!!!! LOL

Still can't post the pics of the rest of the cards yet, but will do in a couple of weeks , maybe earlier!!!!!!

Anyway we are in the middle of watching Joseph and His Amazing Tecnicolor Dreamcoat!!!!!!!!! Starring.................................................. Donny Osmond!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a good day!!!!!!!!!


Monday, 11 August 2008

Day Six

Almost a week of blogging, can't believe I'm still recording daily, I'm impressed!!!!!! Well changed cars today so we are happy!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not a lot happening here today, weather started off nice but then started raining!!!!!!!!! Even wetter tomorrow supposedly. I'll let you know when it happens.

Well take care all.


Sunday, 10 August 2008

Day Five

Today as every Sunday we attend Cornerstone Church in Londonderry. We are lead in worship by an excellent worship team who are very talented and use their talents to praise God!!!!! Our pastor and assistant pastor are both excellent speakers. Today it was Brian, our assistant pastor, who was talking to us and he was encouraging us to live a life without limits!!!!!!!

We also heard that our friend's father we were praying for is now out of hospital and making a good recovery!!!!!!!! His operation was a "roaring success" so said the surgeon!!!!!!!!!! Praise God!!!!!

God Bless!


Saturday, 9 August 2008

Day Four

Well Day Four and it is Saturday now!!!! We are looking to downsize the family car, but having no joy at all, nothing suitable for the price we are loking at! Never mind God will provide the right car at the right time!!!!!!!!!!!

God Bless!!!!!!!!


Friday, 8 August 2008

Day Three

Imagine Day Three already! Today I have been very busy, first I changed all the beds, then I went to Tesco and did the weekly shop, spent a fortune as usual, my children love going shopping, especially if they think they are gooing to get something when we are there!!!

Well my bumper pack from Crafter's Companion arrived yesterday and today I ave printed off some things from the Occasions cd, can't say what I printed as I am making a Birthday card for someone on teh forum and she may look on here! I will post a pic of it though when the day has passed!!!!!!!

Wishing you all a wonderful day!

Remember God is good!!!!!


Thursday, 7 August 2008

Day Two

Well it is Day Two of the Blog and so far so good!!

Ladies thank you for the lovely comments on the cards, my Mother-in-Law loved her card yesterday!!

Will hopefully put more cards on as the days go by. I am going to be starting my Christmas cards in the next few weeks so they will be appearing shortly too!!

Our friends father is in hospital so we are praying for him for a full and a speedy recovery please feel free to pray for Derek for us as he recovers in hospital.


Wednesday, 6 August 2008

A baby card that was made for a friends niece.
This is a card I made yesterday for my Mother-in-Law. It is a Triangular Tri-fold card. Hope you like this. Any comments welcome.

Day One

Well this is Day One of my blog. Not too much happening here, just watching Sara on Create & Craft, demonstrating the new cd. Can't wait for mine to arrive.

Hope you will enjoy looking at this Blog and if you see a card you like and woould like to order a card for that special someone on their special day, then email me and I will get back to you within 24 hours!!

God Bless