Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Over the last few years there has been a lot of things happen in my life, May 2000 I married a wonderful man, I moved from Scotland to live in Northern Irealnd the only people I knew was my husband and his family, Feb 2001 our first child was born, May 2002 our second child was born. I was a stay at home mummy which is what I said I wanted to do, my husband would leave for work before 7am and not return until 10pm!!!! Life was pretty hard for me then, no friends or family to turn to.My life revolved around my children, everything I did was for them and for Pete, Ddon't get me wrong I'm not complaining I love my family so much, I wouldn't change anything. Then in April 2004 my mum died and I missed her ( and still do)an amazing amount, she was always there on the end of the phone in the those first few years of my children's life I would have had no adult conversation without her. March 2005, we sell our home and head back to Scotland, I thought I was going to be happy and top start with I was I got a job, doing what I love, Pete also found work everything was great, we lived with my dad for 3 months until we found a home to buy. Children were very happy and loved to see grandad and their aunties and cousins. Then Christmas 2006 my dad took a bad chest infection and was really ill,(January 2007 Pete and I decided to move back to NI), but during the months of January, February, March my dad started to lose a lot of weight, he had tests done and was rushed into hospital, we were told he had a blockage of the stomach they would build him and then operate and remove the blockage, sounded good, during all this we were going to hospital, trying to sell our home and trying to organise things for the big move back. We were back in NI for a few days when we received a call from my sister to say dad had been diagnosed with cancer of the stomach and the asophagus, not only that it was a very aggressive cancer one of the worst, apparently. We were in NI for only 14 days when I received the call I was dreading most, that my dad had passed away. I couldn't believe it I felt so guilty and still do if only we could have stayed for those extra 2 weeks I could have said goodbye to dad I didn't get to say goodbye to mum either, my children were devasted by their beloved grandad going to see Jesus! They wrote him a letter and we put it in his coffin along with a picture of the children. I miss my parents so much, no-one will ever know just how much.
On a lighter note things are looking up for us all Pete and I both have good jobs, children love school. Most importantly though the thing that has kept us going through everything we have went through is the Lord Jesus Christ, He was the One I turned to when I was alone, He was the one who was there for me when I had no-one else He was the One who never let me down.

God is so good, so if you're reading this and you don't know the Lord go find a church, go to more than one until you find the church that meets your needs, we did and we found Cornerstone City Fellowship an amazing church with amazing people doing amazing things in the name of Jesus!!!